Mustang Introduces AC-4000 Series For Complete EV/HEV Life Cycle Testing.

Mustang Introduces AC-4000 Series For Complete EV/HEV Life Cycle Testing.

Mustang’s latest product for the development, calibration, certification, End-Of-line and repair & maintenance testing of electric and hybrid vehicles is the MAE-AC-4000 Series Universal Automotive Test Stand. This new universal tester is an advanced independent-wheel-control AC motor dynamometer and ABS/ESC tester that is capable of reproducing an unlimited array of testing and simulation conditions for full product life cycle testing of electric and hybrid vehicles and vehicle sub-systems.

For vehicle development, calibration and certification applications, the AC-4000 Series provides a cost-effective design and enables quick development cycles for performing initial hybrid and electric vehicle calibrations, traction system motoring and ABS/ESC testing with skid simulation, regenerative braking and limited traction condition simulations using road load and federal drive cycles, electrical power systems analysis, HEV/PHEV/EV controller development, efficiency testing, fuel consumption testing, repair & maintenance and other complete vehicle or sub systems evaluations. MAE offers a number of lab-grade software and data acquisition packages for Hardware-in-the-loop and R&D environments.

The AC-4000 utilizes four independent AC motors, one coupled to each set of rollers, to control the load to each wheel independently. A moveable wheelbase system allows the AC-4000 to accommodate both 2WD and AWD vehicles with wheelbases ranging from 90-140”. An automatic vehicle restraint and safety system greatly reduces the test cycle time and ensures that vehicles remain safely in position on the tester.

As a EOL test stand, the MAE-AC-4000 Series offers a flexible solution for test control, data acquisition and operator interface, stepping test operators through each step of an automated EOL test sequence in a simple and user-friendly format, while collecting, analyzing and reporting on vehicle systems status and performance data. MAE’s AC-4000 test stand communicates with each vehicle via CAN communication to determine pass/fail results and to establish certain vehicle systems statuses as required during the test procedure. The flexibility of MAE’s systems allows us to easily adapt to meet unlimited test procedures and simulation requirements.

MAE’s experience and expertise with sophisticated End of Line systems stems from having supplied a host of fully-integrated automated testing solutions for a wide range of EOL testing applications. MAE offers completely customized end of line testing solutions for your specific end of line testing applications.