MD-AWD-150 Series AWD Chassis Dynamometer

Twinsburg, OH –  Mustang Dynamometer announced the newest member in their lineup of world-class AWD dynamometers: the MD-AWD-150.

The AWD-150 series dynamometer was designed in response to increased customer demand for a lower-cost AWD dynamometer that doesn’t sacrifice on performance. By strategically eliminating key cost factors, the engineers at Mustang Dynamometer were able to design this baseline system in a way that maximizes its economy, while maintaining the high level of quality expected from a Mustang dyno.

The AWD-150 still boasts an impressive feature set for a baseline AWD dynamometer system. The front and rear rollers are mechanically linked with a 98-percent efficient Kevlar belt, and with an optional automatic on/off coupler the dyno can be switched between 2WD and AWD modes with the push of a button. It also has an inside track width range of 18 to 80 inches, a 96- to 122-inch wheelbase standard (longer available), can measure 2,000 hp and hit a max speed of 175 mph. As with every performance dynamometer from Mustang Dynamometer, a full version of Mustang’s PowerDyne software package is also included.

To learn more, or for press inquiries, please contact a Mustang Dynamometer sales representative at 330-963-5400 or by emailing