THE MD-AWD-150. Fixed wheelbase, linked AWD performance dynamometer.

The AWD-150 model comes with a K140 Model Eddy Current Power Absorber that has a maximum load capacity of 625 horsepower and a total power measurement capacity of 2,000-hp in AWD Mode.

The key to designing an AWD dynamometer properly is to understand the methods currently being used by manufacturers in the field of AWD drivetrain technology. A dynamometer that can accommodate various types of AWD vehicle transmissions and wheelbases without excessive complication and, more importantly, without risking damage to a client’s AWD system is paramount.

Full time AWD vehicles are designed to provide maximum performance regardless of road conditions. In cases where traction is less than ideal, a vehicle may be designed to improve stability and traction at the expense of power. This means adding torque to a spinning wheel or retarding of timing. In order to properly test an AWD vehicle for peak performance, an AWD chassis dynamometer must be able to simulate ideal road-load conditions to the vehicle. This approach allows the vehicle to be evaluated under “optimum” operational conditions; whereby torque is distributed to the vehicle’s tires in the same manner that would normally occur when a vehicle has equal traction at all four drive wheels, and is therefore operating at peak efficiency.

To achieve this, Mustang’s AWD-150 incorporates a linked drive system that synchronizes the front and back rollers to simulate a flat, dry road condition. Synchronization, or linkage, insures that the front and rear rollers are always spinning at precisely the same road speed. This process eliminates the possibility of activating a vehicle’s traction control system and also insures that a vehicle’s torque management system is operating under the assumption that the vehicle is not skidding, turning or slipping.

Max Horsepower: 1,200 / 2,000-hp peak measurement capacity (2WD/AWD)
Max Absorption: 625-hp peak absorption (one eddy current)
Loading Device: Air-cooled eddy current power absorber (additional eddy current available)
Inertia: 630 / 1,260 lbs. (2WD/AWD)
Max Speed: 165 mph (2WD)
155 mph (AWD)
Controls: Closed -loop digital controller with Windows based PowerDyne Software. Includes patented Virtual Road Simulation Technology (RST)

Precision machined & dynamically balanced, knurled rolls Front roller grooved horizontally

8.575” (218.805 mm) diameter balanced rolls

35” (889.00 mm) face length

18” (457.20 mm) inner track width (Exceeds EPA/BAR Stds)

88” (2,235.20 mm) outer track width

18” (457.20 mm) roll spacing

96”-122” fixed wheelbase (longer wheelbases available) Side-to-side coupled roller to prevent damage to traction control

Roll Decelerator: Allows vehicle deceleration without use of vehicle brakes. Eddy Current PAUs used to decelerate rollers.
Air Requirements: 115 PSI, dry, regulated, oil free
Power Requirements:

115 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz, 15 Amps (computer)

230 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz, 40 Amps (dynamometer)

Axle Weight: 6,000 lbs. maximum
Shipping Weight: 7,200 lbs. (dynamometer weight only)



1.34 MB

MD-150-SERIES Manual

MD-150-SERIES Manual
Detailed User’s Manual for Mustang Dynamometer’s MD-150-SERIES
2.34 MB

PowerDyne Manual

PowerDyne Manual
Detailed User's Manual for Mustang Dynamometer's PowerDyne PC Software.
4.5 MB

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide
Helpful guide with important tips for new dyno owners.
743.15 kB

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