MAE delivers world’s largest Heavy-Duty 8×8 AC Chassis Dynamometer

MAE delivers world’s largest Heavy-Duty 8×8 AC Chassis Dynamometer

MAE recently completed the design and manufacture of one of the world’s largest Heavy-Duty AC Motor Chassis Dynamometers and Multi-Performance Testers for The Beijing Institute of Technology. The massive dynamometer is designed to carry out testing for medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles with drive axles ranging from one to four, including 8×8, 8×6, 8×4, 6×6, 6×4, 6×2 and 4×4.

The four axle system features eight chrome-plated 48″ rollers that can all be operated independent of one another, cross-coupled, and configured to follow the feedback or command of any roll in the system. The dyne’s combined peak full load capacity is 1,600-hp (1,200kW), combined wheel force is 58,500 lbs (260,000 Newtons) and the maximum wheel speed is an impressive 81 mph (130kph).

The adjustable wheelbase feature allows each axle to be adjusted independently and gives the dyne the ability to handle vehicle wheelbase ranges from as little as 53 inches to as long as 472 inches (39.3 feet) with an accuracy of less than 2mm. The system incorporates an integrated vehicle cooling fan that can simulate wind speeds up to 81 mph (130kph) for accurate wind and air flow simulations. Data acquisition included with the dynamometer system integrated a fuel measurement, delivery and conditioning system, robot driver, engine RPM measurement, weather station, pressure transducers, thermocouples, an integrated vehicle scale system, vehicle CAN communication and brake and ABS interface.

Tests that the system can perform include, but are not limited to hybrid calibration, dynamic performance test, fuel economy performance test, ABS braking performance test, emissions performance test, creeper gear performance test, constant speed, constant force, constant torque, constant power, controlled acceleration and vehicle simulation road load testing.

MAE has multiple generations of knowledge and experience in the specialized area of Heavy-Duty AC Motor Chassis Dynamometers. Our experience dates back to 1975 and our applications range from small, high-speed to extremely large, high-torque systems. When it comes to advanced dynamometer technology, precise and repeatable road load simulation, accurate speed and/or force control and sophisticated data acquisition packages, the engineers at Mustang Advanced Engineering are hard to match.