Mustang Introduces AWD-800 Dynamometer

Mustang Introduces AWD-800 Dynamometer

Mustang Dynamometer recently announced the introduction of its latest AWD dyno to its industry leading lineup of performance chassis dynos, the MD-AWD-800 Series. The MD-AWD-800 dynamometer offers the perfect combination of power and finesse for precision tuning applications. Add in the flexibility to test everything from AWD vehicles to motorcycles, and you have a dyno that can do it all and set you apart from the competition.

The AWD-800 offers a 24″ single roll or split-roll primary roller that is directly coupled to a powerful eddy current power absorption unit via an oversized shaft. The 12.625″ AWD roller section of the dyno is mechaically-linked to the primary roller set via a robust, field-proven belt drive system. Mustang’s mechanical linkage system is a field-proven linkage system that eliminates wheelbase adjustment of the dyno by linking all of the rollers together to provide a simple and stable front-to-rear wheel speed synchronization system. An auto-clutch allows the system to switch between 2WD and AWD modes with a click of the mouse.

Mustang designed the MD-AWD-800 Series to be a dyno that could be easily adapted to fit virtually any testing scenario without ever having to compromise. In AWD mode, the 800 Series XL can test AWD vehicles with wheelbases up to 134” long, enough to handle Hummer H1s. In 2WD mode, the 800 Series uses a single 24” diameter roller with a low base mechanical inertia to allow you to test the lightest vehicles out there. As an option, the 24” roller can be ordered as a “split-roll”, which allows the system to be further de-coupled, taking the system down to a single 24” roller coupled to the PAU, perfect for testing motorcycles.

Mustang will be premiering the MD-AWD-800 at the IMIS Trade Show, December 8-10, 2011 in Indy. Stop in and see this great machine first hand.

PRI Booth # 4391