Mustang Introduces Crossover Series Engine & Chassis Dyno Combo at 2011 PRI Show

Mustang Introduces Crossover Series Engine & Chassis Dyno Combo at 2011 PRI Show

Twinsburg, OH – Mustang Dynamometer today announced that the company will introduce the all new Crossover Series Engine & Chassis Combination Dynamometer at this year’s PRI Show to be held December 1-3 in Orlando, Florida.

The new engine and chassis dynamometer combo dyno, dubbed the Crossover Series, is another first from Mustang and features a 2WD MD-1100 chassis dyno with a detachable dual eddy current docking module that converts into a fully-functional ED-140-20 eddy current engine dynamometer.

The 2 in 1 system is equipped with both an ED-140-20 air-cooled eddy current engine dynamometer and a standard MD-1100 chassis dynamometer. The twin eddy current engine dyno operates as a standard engine dynamometer when directly coupled to an engine utilizing an included engine docking cart and stand alone control system and Mustang EDtCell Control Software. While the engine dyno is in use, the chassis dyno is capable of being operated as an inertia-based dyno with a separate controller and Mustang PowerDyne Software included with the system. Attaching the dual eddy current PAU module to the chassis dyne via an included u-joint drive shaft allows the chassis dyno to take advantage of the powerful twin PAUs for loaded mode and vehicle simulation loaded testing.

The system includes the following:

Engine Dyno • Portable ED-140-20 Engine Dynamometer with dual PAUs, load cell and speed sensor • Electric starter • EDtCell Engine Dyno Controller, Software, PC, Monitor • Data Acquisition Module • Engine docking cart • Drive Shaft • Guards

Chassis Dyno • Above-Ground MD-1100 Chassis Dynamometer • PowerDyne Controller, Software, PC, Monitor • Smartach RPM Module • Inductive & Optical RPM Pickups • Weather Station • Dual AFR Sensors • OBD-II Interface • Roll Around Shop Cart

For shops that are looking for a flexible solution to their engine and chassis dyno testing needs, the Crossover Series provides a complete all-in-one solution.

Visit us at PRI in booth 4391 to see the Crossover Series and judge for yourself.