Ohio Governor John Kasich Visits Mustang Dynamometer and MAE Headquarters

Ohio Governor John Kasich Visits Mustang Dynamometer and MAE Headquarters

APRIL 28, TWINSBURG — Gov. John Kasich visited Mustang Dynamometer and Mustang Advanced Engineering’s world headquarters in Twinsburg, Ohio to announce and discuss a plan to cut Workers’ Compensation rates by $65 million.

Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Administrator and CEO Steve Buehrer, along with State Representative Lynn Slaby joined Gov. Kasich in Mustang’s new 31,000 square foot expansion for the announcement.

“Ohio has so much going for it — location, a trained workforce, infrastructure, and an installed manufacturing base. We’ve got to get our costs down to be more competitive, and workers’ comp rates are an important place to start,” said Kasich.

Gov. Kasich spoke to the employees of Mustang Dynamometer, Mustang Advanced Engineering, and other local business owners about the rate cuts, explaining that the cuts would help small businesses and workers thrive in Ohio by reducing costs.

When asked why he chose Mustang Dynamometer as the location to unveil the new plan, Kasich said, “All these companies, these are where the jobs are in this state, and the announcement today gives them another ray of hope that things are coming back a little bit.”

Gov. Kasich took a brief tour of Mustang’s facility along with Dean Ganzhorn, President and CEO of Mustang Dynamometer, and Eser Manav, Vice President of Operations, before speaking to the audience.

“Governor Kasich is a businessman, and we are honored to host him at our world headquarters,” said Dean Ganzhorn. “We commend his efforts to keep small businesses and workers employed in Ohio.”

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