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THE MD-AWD-800. Mechanically-linked AWD dyno with a 24” primary roller (single or split) and 12.625” linked AWD roller set.


The AWD-800 offers a large 24” roll design for excellent traction and low inertia characeristics.

Mustang designed the MD-AWD-800 Series to be a dyno that could be easily adapted to fit virtually any testing scenario without ever having to compromise. In AWD mode, the 800 Series XL can test AWD vehicles with wheelbases up to 134” long, enough to handle Hummer H1s. In 2WD mode, the 800 Series uses a single 24” diameter roller with a low base mechanical inertia to allow you to test the lightest vehicles out there.

As an option, the 24” roller can be ordered as a “split-roll”, which allows the system to be further de-coupled, lowering the system’s inertia… perfect for testing motorcycles.
When Mustang says that the MD-AWD-800 is the most versatile AWD dyno at any price, this is what we mean. You can test any vehicle or motorcycle that comes through your door. Switch from AWD to 2WD to MC modes with a simple click of the mouse when equipped with the optional air-actuated de-coupling systems.

Like all Mustang dynos, the MD-AWD-800 includes all of the advanced tuning capabilities that are included with the standard PowerDyne Software application such as constant speed, constant torque, step tests, and elapse time tests like 1/4 mile sprint – all performed using Mustang’s patented Vehicle Simulation technology where the dyno automatically controls the loading to simulate actual “on-road” conditions.